Sunday, January 13, 2008

Testing Etsy

I spent most of the weekend photographing, fussing, and posting on Etsy. My shop is called Cloud Machine, and you can look at it here

Necklaces now and other things to come.
Needless to say, this is rather time consuming and takes away from other life things. I have sat on my sweet ass all weekend in front of a screen, obsessing about how many views my things are getting. It has kept me from my New Year's promises to exercise more.
On that note, I have been moving more this week, went to belly dance class and sweated a bunch, then to the Y to watch ER on the elliptical, and then I taught yoga this morning. You'd think I'd be thin and fantastic, but I feel sort of blobby and uncoordinated. I've never had a model's figure, but as I get older and grayer (fuck, yes, grayer, and I am ferociously dyeing my hair) I feel less than frais.
Maybe I need a new tattoo!

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